Introduced in 1987, .gifs were the first way to animate images on the Internet. As technology advanced, so did formats for animation, and .gifs fell by the wayside except to make your myspace page a more glittery place. Sites like tumblr and reddit are facilitating a .gif renaissance, making them funny, poignant, and, of course, still glittery. However, these particular gifs, from designer and photographer Ignacio Torres, are proof that even the most basic internet and computer tricks can be used to execute a beautiful idea. The project is called Stellar, and Torres describes the inspiration for the project as “the theory that humans are made of cosmic matter as a result of a star’s death.” The way the images appear to move, as well as the model’s organic body positions lends a 3-dimensional, surreal aspect to these images and beautifully conveys the notion that we are nothing but stardust.